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  • Relaxation Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Integral Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage

  • Reiki

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu

  • Holistic Pulsing

  • Thai Yoga Massage (combination of yoga stretches and acupressure)



Welcome to Claudine’s Healing Massage and discover the magical effects of massage

Lose yourself in relaxing soft music, beautiful room, colourful towels and magical atmosphere.

Feel nourished at your very core and reclaim your inner peace, balance and wellbeing.

Massage gives you the opportunity to shed the layers of stress, increase happiness and bring more quality of life.

People of all ages can benefit from relaxation and deep tissue massage in a safe warm environment.

Ideal for clearing stress and muscle pains or fatigue associated with sports, work and life pressures.

Maybe you just want to feel pampered and feel rejuvenated.





About Me

Touch has always been special to me.
As a child I was often massaging the aching shoulders of my mother who suffered from chronic shoulder pain.
When I turned 18 years old mom sent me for my first massage session which inspired me to develop a career in massage.
Ever since I have had massage sessions regularly throughout my life wherever I am.Claudine
Based on my own experience I learnt that massage can do wonders. I can attest firsthand that massage has increased the quality of my life and made me a healthier person.

Although I have studied and worked in tourism, computer and office work; it became clear to me that massage was a passion and life direction. It has given me an opportunity to work with people which I love.

I completed my massage training at Arcos – Institute for Alternative Healing Methods, The Hague in the Netherlands in 2001.
Since then I have studied to enhance my skills.

I opened my clinic in mid 2001 in the Netherlands and since 2003 I have been working as a full time masseuse (firstly in South Island and since 2007 in Auckland).
Working with massage is very rewarding work since you get to assist people to feel better in the muscles and within their lives.  




The importance and benefits of massage

The most immediate and obvious effect of massage is relaxation.
Layers of tension are shed and your body condition improves on all levels: emotionally, physically and mentally.
Massage can increase your sense of wellbeing.
Because you get to feel good everyone around you benefits from your peaceful presence.
Giving yourself regular massage offers you nourishment and a heightened state of wellbeing which in turn exudes positive energy.

Benefits you may experiences through regular massage are:
Reduced blood pressure, better circulation (blood/lymph), improved skin texture, increased energy, feeling invigorated/renewed, more relaxed muscles, improved digestion, more motivated, toxin release, improved concentration and decision making.


Why it could be of value to you to have a regular massage.
Daily pressures can take their toll on your body and gradually build up tension. These can present as exhaustion, aches and pains and a lowered immune system (which can lead to other health problems).

If you value yourself book a massage.

If you want nourishment for the purpose of wellbeing book a massage.

If you want to give to yourself or others book or gift a massage.




Massage Services

Hot Stones Massage

The ultimate deep relaxation technique.
Detoxify, relax and re-energize all in the same session
Results in feeling light as a feather.
( 90 minutes)

Integral Vitalizing Massage

Invigorating massage to energize your body in preparation for work and other activities. A combination of pressure points European style and classical massage strokes.
(90 minutes)

Holistic Swedish Massage

Classical energizing massage that offers a variety of techniques to bring heightened relaxation and a dynamic state of wellbeing.
( 90 minutes)

Massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu

This synergizing combination offers wellbeing in all levels: emotionally, physically and mentally.
Jin Shin Jyutsu: this healing art is based upon our own natural innate ability to harmonize ourselves.
It uses hands-on sequence to relieve pain and release the cause of acute and chronic conditions.
(80 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep work in muscle tightness.
Extra emphasis on releasing muscle to create more flexibility which in turn offers a more relaxed state.
( 60 minutes)

Relaxation Massage

Nourishing more gentle massage which promotes overall harmony and balance.
(60 minutes)


Gentle hands-on energy work. Helps balance and heal mind body and spirit.
(60 minutes)

Thai Yoga Massage

A fabulous massage done on a mat with clothes on, no oil, pressure points along the energy lines from toes to head (depending on where the blockages require attention) combined with yoga stretches.
Energizing, may help release physical blockage, rejuvenating & relaxing.
(75 minutes)

Holistic swedish massage combined with reflexology (2 different techniques to get you feeling fantastic)
( 75min)

Integral Massage combined with holistic pulsing (2 different techniques to get you feeling fantastic)
( 75 minutes)

Relaxation massage combined with Reiki
( 75 minutes)

Detox Spa Massage package

Foot soak,  invigorating massage  & 15 minutes steam spa.
Detox, energize and feel revitalized. (helps with body aches)
( 90 minutes)

On-Site Chair Massage

See full services in the link below

Running the Bars session
(A 75min session is $80)

32 points on the head where energetically all your belief system, fixed points of view, principals, opinions, limitations are stored including everything you what to change in your life and felt unable to.

If you feel you are not living the life you are meant to have with happiness joy peace and fulfillment of your heart desires,
It only means that something inside of you doesn't allow you to experience the ease, joy and bliss that is supposed to be our birthright.

When we press on these 32 points gently a magical journey begins toward releasing and dissolving all that we felt thought believed that was not serving us, which creates a process to transform our lives in all areas.

The reason this happens is when touching gently those points the excessive electromagnetic load is being dissolved and with it you are being freed from limiting beliefs, fixed points of views, judgements, and everything that doesn't serve you any longer.

the uniqueness of the Bars is that its easier and faster than many other systems and that it works whether you believe in it or not
Running the Bars helped many people all over the world to improve/get rid of health issues, excessive weight, money issues, anxiety, tension and more

The worst thing that can happen is that you received a beautiful head massage, the best thing that can happen is that you transform your life.

Wouldn't that be amazing for you and is this what you would like to create.

Come and experience a beautiful technique to support you and help you to be able to receive life's blessings by increasing your capacity to receive and create the life you want.

A 75min session is $80

If you hestitate and want to try a 20min introduction its only $30 but you really need to have all the 32 points done to activate change which takes about 75min.

Gift vouchers available – prepaid for each of the services above.



On-Site Chair Massage

Claudine’s Healing Massage offers On-Site Chair Massage (qualified and 15 years experienced massage therapist, using the professional chair massage)

What is a chair massage service?

On-site chair massage is a service that brings the massage benefits into a workplace offering a 10min or longer clothed massage, sitting on a professional chair, and massaged at a more affordable price.

Most employers are trying to ensure a good work/life balance for their staff.

Providing a regular on-site health service such as massage is helping to reduce stress levels in the workplace and give staff a chance to relax away from their busy schedules.

By energizing staff, enhancing creativity & focus while promoting a more positive energy at work this ultimately leads to a more noticeable increase in staff performance & productivity. A regular on-site massage programme also helps to boost morale & loyalty within the workforce.

Regular on-site chair massage also helps to prevent and relieve the symptoms of Gradual Process Injuries previously referred to as RSI & OOS.


Why On-site Chair Massage is is so popular?

Convenience  because it can be brought to you into the workplace or specific event.

Inexpensive   from as little as $15 for 10 minutes (you will notice the difference in your back even in 10 minutes.

Less embarrassing because it can be done through clothing so no need to undress.

Highly Effective targeting the key tension areas of neck, back, shoulders, arms.

Space efficient  the massage chair takes up a lot less pace than a massage table.

It can be done out in public so a great idea for events such as trade shows, conferences, etc.


Claudine’s Healing Massage, Highland Park, ph. 021 899 978


“I have been seeing Claudine for just over 2 months, and since experiencing her healing and relaxing therapies, I feel so much better. The tight knots in my neck and back have virtually disappeared. When I first started seeing her I could hardly move my neck, and was in pain from merely walking – Iam a different person now. Her gentle and soothing approach is always very welcoming, and especially calming after a stressful day. Claudine goes out of her way to make you feel truly comfortable within your surroundings, and her healing touch makes you feel so confident as an individual. She is always happy to share her knowledge and give you that little bit extra. I highly recommend Claudine – not only for massage therapy and treatment, but also for some soothing “time out”, to spend an hour or so to escape the stresses of everyday life and to come out feeling on top of the world and totally uplifted and rejuvenated.” I will also contact you again for another session soon Dawn Johnstone, Auckland"

"Claudine is the most fabulous masseuse - I found her on a Facebook group and booked in for a special deal. It was fabulous value for money and a really great treat for a busy mum! Her set up is very professional, clean and warm and most importantly - relaxing! I found her technique was very thorough and I left feeling amazing. I opted for a relaxation massage with a focus on my tight back and shoulders and it was wonderful - my physio said that my shoulders were much improved (following an injury and several physio treatments) when I saw him the same week. I would recommend Claudine to anyone as she offers a great tailored massage experience and I am already booking in for my next appointment. Many thanks, Laura Hughes "

"I have been having Zenna Healing Massage by Claudine since August 2008.
When I first started I had a lot of problems and was very emotional and unable to sleep, stressed +++. Since having my Zenna Healing sessions I feel a lot better emotionally, and all other problems are resolving.
All my work collegues have said how much better I seem to be, so I put it down to Claudine's Zenna Healing sessions, as I do feel better after each session.
I will cotinue to see Claudine as my problems are getting a lot better and I always feel more relaxed at the conclusion of the session. I have really been helped a lot.
Claudine also put me on to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) this has also helped, as I use it between sessions; it has also helped me stop smoking which I have done for 30+ years. With the help of Zenna Healing sessions and EFT, I am now up to my 7th week of non smoking.
Whenever I have bad news or problems I do EFT which helps a lot when between Zenna Healing session.
Judy Armstrong

Claudine's experience and wealth of knowledge were evident from the onset and her ability to intuitively sense which areas needed more or less attention was remarkable.

I left feeling completely relaxed and refreshed and would recommend a massage with her to anyone! You will not be disappointed.

Melissa Charbonneau - Auckland

For many months, I thought about having a Hot Stone Massage as I had heard they were wonderful but never did anything about it.

I happened to be introduced to Claudine one day at a workshop & upon asking, she confirmed she did Hot Stone Massages. I made appointment with Claudine & I can truely say she gave me the most wonderful, spiritual massage I have ever had, and I have had quite a few over the years.

The stones apparently carry a special energy & you can certainly feel this. My concern that they would feel rough was soon put to rest during this magic experience.

It is hard to believe that stones are even involved. If you are looking for a very special treat for yourself, I can highly recommend claudine's massages.

I have also had a Holistic Swedish massage, which was given with the most loving, nurturing hands & a Reiki session which sent me into another world completely. If you are looking for that little "something" special in a massage then I highly recomend Claudine

Marie Riley - Auckland

"I met Claudine at the Farmers Market a couple weeks ago - where she gave me a 10 minutes massage. After the massage I decided to book a one hour Jin Shin Jyutsu session. 

I have suffered for years from frozen shoulders to the point that I could not dress myself, and my sleep was severly affected as well as my work. I have tried many different forms of massage over the years but pain wasn't gone.

After haveing my Jin Shin Jyutsu session I felt fantastic. I slept all  night without pain. I could lift my arms above my shouders and my energy level has increased a lot. After such fantastic result I will continue to have these massages on a regular basis.
The experience was amazing

From a happy client Wayne, Auckland





Contact Me


Phone: 021 899 978

Location: Highland Park - East Auckland